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May 14, 2012 / Remsen

Kickstart your idea

Did you think it would be a great idea to turn in iPad into a computer? I did too, but someone else thought of the idea first and put it on Kickstarter, a crowd-sourced funding platform for creative projects. Your–and my–idea is now the Brydge and it is more than 600% funded, thanks to Kickstarter. Titled as a product design project to “Do More,” Brydge and its creators reached over 2,000 people who provided financial support because they thought it was a great idea:

Named one of the best websites of 2011 by TIME magazine, has enabled the funding of more than 20,000 creative projects since their inception in 2009. Kickstarter offers a scaffolding: a system where people with innovative projects can present their ideas through Kickstarter in order to connect with potential investors, who in return, gain a reward, such as a limited edition of the item or an experience. Supporters can pledge as little as $1 to contribute to the funding goal of each project. At the deadline, if the funding goal succeeds, each of the supporters’ credit cards is charged (often through and the project is on its way.

Kickstarter has provided an structure for one of the best uses of crowd-sourcing–sharing ideas for to improve the world. The website enables people to connect with fantastic projects and contribue, even if it’s only a dollar. Bridging the gap between innovators and the consumers has traditionally been an incredible challenge, but Kickstarter makes it easy. It creates an opportunity for everyone to identify the best ideas, enabling an unprecedented efficiency in the transition from idea to product. In addition to money, Kickstarter supplies feedback, press, and emotional support from the community.

The movie poster for Growing Cities

Kickstarter also provides a venue for contributing to social change–the website make it as easy as possible for people to support ideas that give back to the community. One project, titled Growing Cities, is a full-length documentary film that “examines the role of urban farming in America and asks how much power it has to revitalize our cities and change the way we eat.” They recently met their funding goal and now have the money to influence the world.

Here are some more projects to check out:


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